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Wound plasters, made from materials like fabric or plastic with hypoallergenic adhesive, offer a protective cover and secure adhesion for minor wounds. Convenient for everyday use and first aid, they provide comfortable support and are often chosen for their availability in various sizes and child-friendly designs. Sunmed are

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. We strive to satisfy your product needs and establish long-term cooperative relationships.
Suzhou Sunmed Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Sunmed Co., Ltd.

About Sunmed

Suzhou Sunmed Co., Ltd. is a professional leading manufacturer and exporter of first aid, medical, and healthcare products in China. We operate multiple production bases in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui Province.

With 30 years of experience in the medical device(medical equipment and medical consumbles) industry, we specialize in first aid, wound dressing, medical supply (such as medical gauze, bandages, medical tape, medical cotton, and medical non-woven products), sports bandages and family healthcare (including kinesiology tape,pill box,hot&cold packs), and medical instruments (such as disposable syringes, catheters, surgical consumables, and other medical consumables).
As a OEM Wound Plaster Manufacturers and Wound Plaster Factory in China.We have exported our products to over 60 countries worldwide, including key markets in Europe (such as the UK, Germany, Spain, Denmark, and the Netherlands), Southeast Asia (including Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand), Africa (such as Tanzania, Mauritius, and South Africa), and Oceania (including Australia and New Zealand).
Our markets include hospitals, first aid suppliers, supermarkets, and retail sports shops.In 2008, we established our first aid factory to meet the demands of our first aid customers. In 2021, to accommodate our customers' growing needs, we established our own factory for kinesiology tape, cohesive bandages (self-adhesive wrap), and elastic adhesive bandages.

Sunmed boasts a professional quality control team comprising hundreds of personnel who rigorously adhere to inspection procedures to ensure our Wound Plaster Wholesale meet ISO13485:2016 standards. Most of our products are CE certified, and our Suzhou factories comply with FDA requirements.

With our 30 years of professional knowledge, skills, and dedicated team, we are committed to ensuring easy and fruitful cooperation and communication. We strive to satisfy your product needs and establish long-term cooperative relationships

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Industry knowledge
Unveiling the Wonders of Modern Wound Plasters: More than Just a Band-Aid
In the fast-paced world of healthcare innovations, one often-overlooked hero stands out—the humble wound plaster. Beyond its conventional role of covering cuts and scrapes, these modern marvels are silently revolutionizing the way we heal. Join us on an exploration of the fascinating world behind wound plasters, uncovering the technology, benefits, and surprising uses that make them more than just a band-aid.
Step into the future of first aid with advanced wound plasters that go beyond basic adhesive. Nanotechnology and hydrocolloid innovations are at the forefront, ensuring optimal healing conditions. These plasters provide a protective barrier against bacteria while creating an environment conducive to tissue repair. Imagine a second skin that actively promotes recovery—this is the cutting-edge reality of modern wound plasters.
Wound plasters are not limited to superficial injuries; their versatility extends to a myriad of applications. From blisters caused by new shoes to small surgical incisions, these plasters offer targeted solutions. Dive into the surprising uses, from protecting delicate skin during outdoor adventures to minimizing friction in areas prone to chafing. Discover how these plasters have become indispensable companions in our daily lives.
Let’s not just take their word for it—numbers speak volumes. According to a recent study by renowned medical experts, wounds treated with modern plasters show a 20% faster healing rate compared to traditional methods. The statistics don’t lie, and the evidence is clear: choosing the right wound plaster can significantly impact recovery time. Dive into the data and understand why these adhesive wonders are not just a fad but a scientific leap in wound care.
As we peel back the layers of the wound plaster narrative, it becomes evident that these unassuming companions are anything but ordinary. They bridge the gap between traditional first aid and cutting-edge technology, providing a seamless healing experience. So, the next time you reach for a wound plaster, know that you’re not just applying a band-aid; you’re embracing a piece of the future in the palm of your hand.