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PBT bandages offer stretchability, flexibility, and breathability, crafted from Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT). Primarily used in sports for compression and support in injury management and in first aid for wound dressing, especially in flexible areas. Sunmed are

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. We strive to satisfy your product needs and establish long-term cooperative relationships.
Suzhou Sunmed Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Sunmed Co., Ltd.

About Sunmed

Suzhou Sunmed Co., Ltd. is a professional leading manufacturer and exporter of first aid, medical, and healthcare products in China. We operate multiple production bases in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui Province.

With 30 years of experience in the medical device(medical equipment and medical consumbles) industry, we specialize in first aid, wound dressing, medical supply (such as medical gauze, bandages, medical tape, medical cotton, and medical non-woven products), sports bandages and family healthcare (including kinesiology tape,pill box,hot&cold packs), and medical instruments (such as disposable syringes, catheters, surgical consumables, and other medical consumables).
As a OEM PBT Bandage Manufacturers and PBT Bandage Factory in China.We have exported our products to over 60 countries worldwide, including key markets in Europe (such as the UK, Germany, Spain, Denmark, and the Netherlands), Southeast Asia (including Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand), Africa (such as Tanzania, Mauritius, and South Africa), and Oceania (including Australia and New Zealand).
Our markets include hospitals, first aid suppliers, supermarkets, and retail sports shops.In 2008, we established our first aid factory to meet the demands of our first aid customers. In 2021, to accommodate our customers' growing needs, we established our own factory for kinesiology tape, cohesive bandages (self-adhesive wrap), and elastic adhesive bandages.

Sunmed boasts a professional quality control team comprising hundreds of personnel who rigorously adhere to inspection procedures to ensure our PBT Bandage Wholesale meet ISO13485:2016 standards. Most of our products are CE certified, and our Suzhou factories comply with FDA requirements.

With our 30 years of professional knowledge, skills, and dedicated team, we are committed to ensuring easy and fruitful cooperation and communication. We strive to satisfy your product needs and establish long-term cooperative relationships

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Industry knowledge
The Incredible Healing Power of PBT Bandages: A Must-Have in Every First Aid Kit
In the fast-paced world we live in, accidents and injuries can happen anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s a minor scrape or a more serious wound, having the right tools at hand can make all the difference. Enter PBT bandages – the unsung heroes of first aid kits. These stretchy, versatile bandages are not only easy to use but also incredibly effective in providing support and protection. Let’s dive into why PBT bandages are a must-have in every first aid kit.
PBT bandages, also known as cohesive bandages, are made from a non-woven polyester material that sticks to itself without the need for adhesive. This unique property makes them ideal for wrapping around limbs and joints, providing gentle compression and support without causing discomfort. Unlike traditional bandages that can come loose or restrict movement, PBT bandages conform to the body’s contours, ensuring a secure fit that stays in place even during vigorous activity.
One of the standout features of PBT bandages is their breathability. Unlike some other types of bandages that can trap moisture against the skin, PBT bandages allow air to circulate freely, promoting faster healing and reducing the risk of infection. This makes them particularly suitable for use on wounds that require extended dressing periods, such as burns or abrasions. Additionally, the lightweight and flexible nature of PBT bandages make them comfortable to wear for extended periods, allowing the wearer to go about their day without feeling weighed down or restricted.
Not only are PBT bandages practical and effective, but they also come in a variety of colors and sizes, making them suitable for all ages and preferences. From vibrant hues to subtle neutrals, there’s a PBT bandage to suit every style. This not only adds a fun and personal touch to first aid kits but also encourages people to be proactive about their health and safety. After all, who wouldn’t want to show off a stylish bandage while recovering from a minor injury?
PBT bandages are a versatile and indispensable tool for anyone looking to be prepared for life’s little mishaps. With their stretchy, breathable design and range of colors, they offer both comfort and functionality in one convenient package. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or simply someone who wants to be ready for anything, adding PBT bandages to your first aid kit is a smart and practical decision. So next time you’re stocking up on supplies, don’t forget to grab a few rolls of PBT bandages.