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premium physio kinesiology tape

Item Code: Features:Premium physio kinesiology tape is used by top sports doctors and physical therapists for muscle pains, joint pains.
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Premium physio kinesiology tape

How does Kinesio Taping work? 
Muscles constantly extend and contract within a normal range; however, when muscles over-extend and over contract, such as when lifting an excessive amount of weight, muscles cannot recover and become inflamed. When a muscle is inflamed, swollen or stiff due to fatigue, the space between the skin and muscle is compressed, resulting in constriction to the flow of lymphatic fluid. This compression also applies pressure to the pain receptors beneath the skin, which in turn communicates, "discomfort signals" to the brain & emdash; the person experiences PAIN. This type of pain is known as myalgia, or muscular pain. 

To ensure that the muscles have free range of motion, elastic tapes with an elasticity of 150-160% of its original length are recommended for Kinesiology Taping. This specific elasticity also will not allow an over stretch of the muscles themselves. It may look like conventional athletic tape, but tape and Kinesiology Taping is fundamentally different. Kinesiology Taping is based on a different philosophy that aims to give free range of motion in order to allow the body's muscular system to heal itself bio-mechanically. 
Kinesiology Taping alleviates pain and facilitates lymphatic drainage by microscopically lifting the skin. The taped portion forms convolutions in the skin, thus increasing interstitial space. The result is that pressure and irritation are taken off the neural and sensory receptors, alleviating pain. Pressure is gradually taken off the lymphatic system, allowing it to channel more freely. 

Taped area forms convolutions then it increases the space between the skin and muscles and promotes the flow of lymphatic fluid. 

UNSTRETCHED. In this case, we stretch the skin of the affected area before application of the tape. This is done by stretching the muscles and joints in the affected area. After application, the taped skin will form convolutions when the skin and muscles contract back to their normal position. When the skin is lifted by this technique, the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid beneath the skin improves. 
The effect of Kinesio Taping 
1. Normalize Muscle Functions. 
It treats muscle pain due to overuse and troubles. The stressed muscles return to initial state from shoulder pain caused by holding heavy things, calf pain caused by walking too much, whole body pain due to long time exercise, cramp, etc. 

2. Increase Circulation of Blood, Lymph, and Tissue Liquid. 
Its normally called bad blood circulation and examples are treating shoulder stiff and cold feeling disorder. When circulation of blood and lymph goes bad, it sticks to one place and as it becomes clot, it starts to put pressure on nerves. Through taping, it gives space between skin and organs which helps circulation and improve all kinds of illnesses. 
3. Reduce Pain 
It stimulus skin and muscle which reduces neurologically. By nature, people themselves have function for reducing pain and it activates by attaching this tape. 

4. Prevent from runoff of Articulation. 
When muscles pulls bone due to abnormal stress, articulation might run off. 
By pasting the tape, movement of muscles goes normal state and it prevent from runoff of articulation. 

The caution of Kinesio Taping 
1) Find the right part of muscle you feel pain and tape it fitted to your muscle size and shape. When muscle comes back to normal state, there should be wrinkles on the tapes. 
2) Do not extend the tape. Rather stretch the muscle to the maximum and tape it. 
3) Clean the part you are going to tape. 
4) After taping, if you feel itchy or flare, remove the tape immediately. 
5) If you extend the tape, it might continuously stimulus the skin and cause skin trouble.&nsp;  So, do not extend and tape it. 
6) When removing the tape, take off along the skin texture and put one hand pushing  your skin and use the other hand to remove the tape. Be careful to take it off slowly. (Dont take off it with a jerk.) 
7) If possible, process taping with support of specialists. If processing individually, go over the taping instruction carefully before further process.

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Kinesio Tape has 160% elasticity matching that of the skin, giving non-restricted support that allows muscles to perform a full range of motion, easily and comfortably. A durable 3 to 4 day wearing period avoids the hassle of applying and removing traditional sports tapes every few hours. It also gives lasting support and pain relief. The unique Kinesio Taping Method structurally lifts the skin and allows the flow of body fluids under the application area, reducing edema, inflammation, and discomfort. Kinesio Tape has a 100% high grade cotton patented design that enhances comfort and channels out air, sweat, and water to enhance skin breathing. Kinesio Tape is also durable and latex free.
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